[Webinar Recap] How to communicate effectively with your employees during this time

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Shelter-in-place might seem like there’s no end to it, especially when we’re stuck working at our kitchen tables. As social distancing remains, organizations need to keep employee morale on their radar and continue to communicate effectively with employees. 

Last week, Simpplr hosted a webinar: How to Communicate Effectively with Your Employees During This Time with Matt Roszell, award-winning communication expert, and Flywire’s Brandi Stawicki, Global People Operations & Communications. The duo shared strategies to streamline effective internal communication in quarantine and tactics on how to use technology to engage, connect, and enable a remote workforce. 

Webinar Recap: How to communicate effectively with your employees during quarantine

Here’s a quick recap of the highly engaging presentation:

Drawn from his past experiences in internal communications at one of the largest apparel retails in the United States, Matt shared his lessons learned in previous SARS and natural disasters and informed us how to communicate around the impacts of today’s COVID-19.

6 tips to keeping employees engaged and connected during COVID-19

  1. Build trust or risk losing it
  2. Get your message straight
  3. Alleviate employee concerns 
  4. Make it clear how and when you’ll communicate
  5. Tell everyone
  6. Stay ahead of the curve
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How to use culture as your secret weapon to keep company culture alive

  1. Treat employees as people, not resources
  2. Do more than just communicate
  3. Create a virtual watercooler for employees

Using technology to enable the remote workforce

  1. Centralized knowledge-base
  2. Unified modes of communication
  3. Recap and reiterate
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Brandi also summarized how to create and centralize resources to help employees in need during COVID-19. She shared Flywire’s (The Wire) intranet site with COVID-19 resources and information, shown in the image above. 

Watch the on-demand webinar

This webinar garnered plenty of questions from attendees, which were answered at the end for Q&A. Don’t miss this! Click here to watch the on-demand webinar presentation.

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