Work from Home Diary: How PENZONE Salons + Spas communicates with Salon Team During a Pandemic

By Hani Khan
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As a part of Simpplr’s ‘Work from Home’ Series – we wanted to hear from our customers and get insights for what communication tools are working best as they keep their workforce updated and engaged.

PENZONE Salon + Spas located in Columbus OH, shared how they had to rapidly shift communication strategy using their Simpplr intranet in the wake of COVID-19 to communicate with their salon team. 

The organization launched their intranet in July 2019 to use as their primary source of communication with their salon artists and team spread across their various locations. As a person joins the organization, they’re automatically enrolled onto the Simpplr platform, called PENZONE “ONE” – the location for all information, which typically contains communication from the leadership team, training/educational videos and marketing promotions. 

Prior to joining Simpplr, the process was very manual and hard copies were sent out to each salon to post in the break room which slowed down communication. The intranet software has allowed the process to cut down on time and ensure that every employee has access to information in a centralized location which has streamlined communication.

With salons shut down, the leadership team has been relying heavily on Simpplr to share information pertaining to COVID, reopening strategy and virtual training sessions to keep employees engaged during this time. 

The intranet helped address a key problem of salon team members not having insight to the organization unless they were on site. The ability to reach all members of the team at the same time has been especially vital during this time as they’re able to post timely information on a page and promote it everywhere.

With critical information housed in one location, usage has skyrocketed and engagement has increased across the organization. Content has been a huge priority so that not only is the team up to date but also guests that frequent their salons. PENZONE Salons + Spas has used their intranet to be a positive resource for guests by creating how-to videos such as Self Massage for Stress Relief, How to do your makeup for Zoom and much more. Many artists are heavily reliant on their mobile devices and having Simpplr available as an app has made it easy for them to check updates and engage with other artists on the go. 

As regulations start to ease up and cities are shifting to re-opening, PENZONE Salon + Spas has also utilized “ONE” for must reads to get the team up to speed before coming back to work and for training information so they can be prepared for the new health and safety protocols in light of COVID-19.

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