Work from Home Diary: Remote Team Building Activities

By Hani Khan
Day 10 - Friday, March 26  It’s been almost 2 long weeks without my wonderful coworkers and it’s no surprise that I miss them. Being in the office gives us exposure to other teams, visibility into the work they’re doing and an opportunity to connect with those that we don’t directly work with. The marketing department is located in the front of the office which means everyone passes by whether it’s to go to the kitchen, to a conference room or just to leave and enter the building.  Being in a traditional workspace, it’s easy to engage remote employees in company activities or happy hour but taking the remote approach is not as simple. During this unprecedented time, virtual team building is a great way to spur productivity, encourage communication and build trust. With this new transition for our very social company, we’re looking for new ways to bring our team together. If we’ve learned anything over the past 2 weeks, it’s that we have to take a different approach to building company culture. It allows the team to build meaningful relationships in an unique setting which makes employees feel more valued and seen.  Team building can consist of various virtual games and activities that are meant to bring more human connection to remote work. Team building can bring laughter and joy to an otherwise stressful situation.

Here’s a roundup of Week 2 of Team Bonding from Home #TBFH:

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Even our CEO, Dhiraj Sharma, actively participates and encourages #TBFH

Day 7: Simpplr Pet Show and Tell

Day 8: Dream Vacation Getaway

Day 9: Work Anniversary Appreciation Day

Day 10: What’s for lunch?

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