Rehumanize Executive Communications with Leadercast

Video remains to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with others. In today’s highly distributed workforce, video communication is critical to cut through the noise to capture employees’ attention. It’s also advantageous for the person sharing information because video allows for what text can’t do: express emotions, tones, and non-verbal communication.

Communicating through text can be tricky. Take a look at the written communication below. How many of you want to read this? How many words do you get through before you decide to “read it later?”

Executive Communications - Typical Work from Home Security Policy

The above is an example of what policy updates tend to look like, with hundreds of words. Garnering employees’ attention is challenging, especially when everyone is inundated with information on a daily basis.

Video Communications in your Intranet

However, if you see this posted on your intranet, how much more likely are you to click on this and watch instead of reading the previous paragraph?

Executive Communications - Video announcement posted on a Company Intranet

By now, we already know through research that users generally spend more time on a page that has video and video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text (Source: Brightcove)

And when it comes to internal communications, video usage has the strongest positive impact among various communications methods evaluated. (Source: Simpplr Research)

Communications challenges in today’s workplace

Today’s workforce is particularly complex because of how distributed we are. As a result, the common challenges that have existed have become exponentially more challenging, such as:

Lack of executive presence

Executive leadership and presence are critical to drive alignment and keep everyone motivated. Building executive presence is important to steer company culture.

Company is not aligned

Company alignment is critical to improving employee engagement. Simpplr Research found that alignment on strategic priorities is a key factor of employee engagement.

Face to face connections are lost

In a highly distributed workplace environment, the opportunities to make face-to-face connections around the water cooler have been diminished and sometimes even lost. In-person town halls and company meetings are now hosted virtually, and those spontaneous moments of genuine interactions are rare to come by. Establishing relationships amongst peers and leaders is important to feel a sense of community and belonging.

Employees feeling disengaged or disconnected

Without the above, employees feel distant and even disengaged from their company. We know employee engagement is critical to the success of organizations, especially in today’s world where resignations are rampant.

Common intranet video communications challenges

To add fuel to the fire, there are other challenges that are technology-related and add an additional barrier to closing that engagement gap.

Multiple applications to juggle

Most intranet video communication aren’t streamlined for ease of use. There are multiple logins across various applications that create friction for contributors or leaders to share updates. Sometimes the barrier to recording short messages is the process is too complicated.

Video management is disparate across different systems

Intranet video management is another cause of frustration. Where do you upload it? Where do you manage video access? How do you share it across the organization?

Reaching intended audiences

Which leads to the next challenge: how do you target your intended audience? And even if you target your audience, how do you know they’ve viewed it? Can employees leave feedback or start a discussion?

Executive Communications - video message being recorded with Leadercast

Make intranet communications more authentic with Leadercast

Simpplr’s Leadercast makes communications more authentic with minimal effort when it comes to technology. Many of us today are communicating by typing on our keyboards, and sometimes the emotional connection becomes lost — and even misinterpreted!  And for organizations that are hybrid, remote workers are missing out and feeling disconnected from the rest of the workforce.

Maximize communications impact, even on the go. There’s so much that is communicated in verbal messages and expressions that we don’t get through written text. And this can be anything from as short as 30 seconds to 10 minutes – all in a push of a button.

Amplify diverse voices across the org to help establish meaningful connections. Tap into the diversity of your company, the knowledge, and thought leadership of leaders and contributors.

Leaders can build executive presence. Leadercast makes it easy to do so in just a few taps. Leadercast empowers company leaders to build stronger connections to the rest of the company in a few minutes. And they can do this on the go.

So how does Leadercast work?

First, you need to already have Simpplr’s Native Video enabled in your intranet. Once you have Native Video enabled within Simpplr, you can instantly record, upload, and share video messages right from Simpplr’s desktop and iOS and Android apps.

Within a minute, users can record a video and share it directly from desktop and Simpplr’s native mobile app without additional software. You stay in the app throughout the entire workflow.

Here’s a video of Leadercast in action:

It’s extremely simple and intuitive to begin recording videos in Simpplr’s intranet. Because Leadercast is already native to Simpplr, it makes video production and distribution effortless. 

Leadercast can help your organization:

  • Centralize and organize video content all in one place to enable employees to find what they’re looking for
  • Capture and share video communications on the go, through both desktop and mobile apps.
  • Increase transparency securely. Easily record and share video messages across the organization or control who sees what.
  • Embed video messages across your intranet, including Home and Site feeds, pages, albums, events, blogs, and the carousel.
  • Automatically generates searchable transcripts to boost comprehension, engagement, and discoverability.
  • Include global audiences with automatic transcripts that adapt to accents and support 20+ global languages.
  • Improve visibility into how employees engage with video content with native analytics

Instantly record, upload, and share video messages across your intranet

At Simpplr, we know employees thrive on genuine connection with not only leadership but the rest of the organization. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can energize your company culture and drive organizational change with clear and impactful communication, let us know at

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