Simpplr Intranet Features that Matter: Cloud Content Management Integrations

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In the previous Intranet Features that Matter: Integrations Part 1 blog, we dove into the importance of having purposeful integrations. In Simpplr Research’s State of the Intranet, we surveyed intranet practitioners and learned that many organizations’ integrations are widespread, but not quite purposeful.

At Simpplr, we scrutinize our own integrations and attempt to get a better understanding of why organizations prefer some applications over others. At the end of the day, we want Simpplr to map not only to our customers’ priorities, but we want to make sure that our integrations are tied back to our brand promise of simplicity. (Speaking of simplicity, we just started our new design blog series: Simpplr’s Design Philosophy – check it out here.)

Manual uploading and file syncing are days of the past

In the old days, keeping files in sync and up-to-date was a nightmare. You’d end up having multiple versions of the same document in different places. You’d upload a document, make changes, and re-upload the same document, in hopes that the document remained in that location. Sometimes you’d find different versions of that document in other locations, uploaded by someone else. This process is outdated and just unproductive. A modern employee intranet should increase productivity and make your employees’ lives easier. At Simpplr, we understand that the world is moving increasingly to a digital workplace. This means that we want to enable more effective ways of working, regardless of what kinds of tools employees use in the workplace.

Simpplr’s integrates with different cloud content management systems

According to Simpplr Research, it’s crucial to integrate with knowledge-based systems. In today’s evolving workforce, successful data management requires a modern approach to integrating files across multiple cloud-based file management applications. We see departments using their own cloud-based file management systems. If intranets are to serve a purpose in employees’ day-to-day, they should enable employees to become more productive and find critical information instantly.

Simpplr’s cloud-based management systems integrations

Simpplr’s cloud-based management system integrations help keep your intranet software in sync with critical, up-to-date information. Simpplr’s effortless cloud-based management integrations enable you to unify, govern, and share documents across the organization so anyone can quickly search and find the most important files.

Simpplr’s integration with cloud-based management systems help you:

Keep your organization up-to-date with document versioning

With Simpplr’s cloud-based management integrations, you’re able to reduce data fragmentation and keep document versions in sync through direct upload to a single point of access for your team. In layman’s terms, you no longer need to manually update, upload, and sync files between systems. For example, you find a typo in your Google Doc and you need to update it. All you need to do is open your Google Doc and update that typo. The next time you access that same file in Simpplr, you’ll see that the update has been magically fixed, in real-time. No more manual work and re-uploading to keep your documents up-to-date.

Find important documents with extended search

In addition, you’re able to reduce the time it takes to reconcile insights across multiple systems. Simpplr allows multiple integrations all concurrently if your organization uses a myriad of file management systems. Simpplr works with you around your daily workflow – we don’t believe in forcing employees to use a single system.

Securely segment which content can be accessed

We understand that there will be certain files and documents that should be private to only a certain subset of folks. Our cloud-based integration allows you to govern the flow of data within sites across your organization easily by managing the permissions settings by folder or file level.

Simpplr’s integrations philosophy

Simpplr is the modern employee intranet that curates your news and content while serving as your employees’ virtual headquarters. When we build out new integrations, we run through a process that questions how each integration will improve our intranet experience. We are not out to build a better calendar than Outlook or Google, or a messaging tool better than Chatter or Slack. We are dedicated to keeping Simpplr simple as possible with the goal of connecting, engaging, and aligning employees.

Simpplr’s supported integrations

Again, we look to our customers’ priorities when determining which cloud-based management system we want to integrate with. Simpplr’s cloud-based integrations allow multiple cloud-based management systems that will connect your entire organization. For example, if your Sales team uses Google Drive and your Finance team is using Box, you can integrate with both of these systems concurrently. Based on our research, we integrate with the following:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box

To learn more about Simpplr’s cloud-based applications integration, visit or contact us at

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