Top 14 EX and employee communication influencers we love

By Samantha Hird
Influencers can boost a brand or idea across any sector using social media. Sometimes influencers are celebrities, sometimes simply ‘the person in the street’ or anyone in between. Some are generalists, some are niche, but all have established credibility around a particular concept, providing an opportunity for brand exposure.

Influencers, by posting consistent content, attract followers. Some of these followers become fans, and when the content hits the right spot, they can draw an army of followers and build a vast online footprint. This publicity has the potential to increase brand visibility significantly.

A good influencer consistently posts relevant information, engages with followers, and is creative, passionate, and authentic. They answer questions and take negative feedback in stride. They are trustworthy, socially aware, tech-savvy, and true to their personal brand. They understand that influencing is a careful balance of conversation, storytelling, and a bit of selling (usually no more than 20% of the time).

And we have 14 Simpplr Sweethearts to share with you this Valentine’s Day—tech influencers in the employee communication and experience category that demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism. They’re leaders you should follow right away.

David Grossman

Don’t miss the thought leadership insights that David regularly shares. They’re easily digestible for the busy professional, and you can find them right here on Twitter @ThoughtPartner. David is the founder and CEO of the Grossman Group, an award-winning communications consultancy in Chicago, with 30+ years of experience in the field. 

He is a leading consultant, speaker, and author helping organizations drive results through effective communications. He works daily with teams on a wide range of business challenges and improvements across a vast number of issues. He has acted as a ‘thought partner’ to top organizations like Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, and others.

Mr. Editorial

Ever wonder if you should be thinking differently about communications in your workspace? Yes? Then Shaun Randol is your guy. Originally an online magazine and indie publisher with a range of interests from philosophy to arts and culture, internal affairs, and literature, Shaun is an authority on internal and external communications, known as ‘mixternal’ communications.

He is a practitioner rather than a consultant and urges us to stop Googling for answers to and examples of corporate communication issues. He offers a newsletter containing helpful articles, advice, best practices, templates, and much more, and posts regular, current, thought-provoking content on Twitter @MrEditorial.

Carolyn Clark

Join Carolyn at her virtual meet-up during her not-to-be-missed monthly coffee chat, where she shares valuable insights on communications, community, and connection. She is VP of Strategy and Employee Experience at Simpplr, the world-leading AI-powered platform, helping companies elevate the employee experience.

Carolyn spent more than a decade honing her skills in the tech industry, where she ran PR campaigns for celebrities, brands, and media companies. At Simpplr, Carolyn drives innovation and re-imagines how quality employee communications can be best delivered in today’s world. She is also an in-house advisor to Simpplr’s product, AI, sales, and customer success teams.


Wedge is a self-confessed ‘intranerd,’ describing himself as an intranet-wrangling content designer and general communications and collaboration geek. He offers excellent resources for curated articles, plus insights on IC and digital engagement research. He is a UK-based, solo business consultant and expert on what an intranet is all about.

He is the founder of the Independent Intranet Conference (since 2014) and has 25 planned and launched intranets under his belt. You’ll find Wedge on Twitter @Wedge and at @IntranetNow, and there you’ll be able to get a quality response to any intranet questions you might have

Sharon O’Dea

Sharon is a future of work and digital communications professional who consults, writes, speaks, and regularly posts about the future of work and which technologies have a seat at the table. Based in Amsterdam, she has over 15 years of experience in the field.

Sharon is an experienced strategist adept at delivering large digital projects and products across complex organizations. She is also the co-founder of Lithnos Partners, an international communications and collaboration consultancy, and 300 Seconds, an inspiring, morale-boosting resource for people – especially women – who lack confidence about public speaking at digital and tech conferences. Follow Sharon without delay on Twitter @sharonodea

Julia Levy

Julia’s regular newsletter, The Switchboard, motivates us to become better internal communicators by featuring career insights, inspiring stories, and examples of best practices from industry leaders. Julia has personally interviewed over 80 leaders and published more than 35 best practice articles, covering diverse industries across all sectors, like Google, Reddit, Mapbox, The World Food Programme, and more.

Using the concept of an old-fashioned telephone switchboard system, Julia presents inspiring parallels between this and the current work of modern internal communications specialists. Her overall focus falls on how we communicate at work, and you can learn more about Julia and why you should immediately subscribe to The Switchboard here.

Rachel Miller

Are you committed to helping internal communicators thrive in their roles? If so, and if you’re an internal communicator who needs to increase your skills, knowledge, or confidence, Rachel is your guide.

She knows how hard it is to be a trusted advisor and understands the pressure. As a global internal communications consultant, she is the founder of the training, consulting, and mentoring company, All Thing IC. One of the OGs of internal communications, London-based Rachel, focuses on developing spaces where employee communications and experience leaders can thrive. Don’t miss Rachel’s practical and inspirational Candid Comms weekly podcast.

Ann Melinger

Ann is the boss lady of Brilliant Ink, a fabulous team of employee engagement experts who design, build and measure employee experience across various sectors. Not only does Ann run one of the best agencies out there, but she is also passionate about communications and engagement and is thoughtful and forward-thinking in all she does.

For over 20+ years, Ann has helped many organizations to improve employee engagement, inspiring people to feel good about their everyday work. Read here about some of Brilliant Ink’s brilliant research, tips, and best practices.

Kristin Hancock

A great connector and collaborator, Kristin has cultivated an IC community called ICology, where she offers the ins and outs of actually doing IC work and being an IC practitioner. ICology is a peer-led community offering connection, resources, events, and much more. Kristin is passionate about creating meaningful impact for organizations and is excited by big projects, always choosing to lean in, give back and take action.

Her professional background in communication gives her the knowledge to build better workspaces with more empathetic leaders. Follow ICology on Twitter @JoinICology, and don’t miss a thing.

Hebba Youssef

Are you an HR professional who’d like to share what you’re really thinking in a community where you won’t have to bite your tongue? People-leader veteran, Hebba, offers a safe place to do this by curating a fabulous weekly newsletter, ‘I Hate It Here’ for overworked and burned-out HR professionals. You can subscribe to that right here, right now.

She understands how easy it is to feel overwhelmed, lost, and frustrated when so many employees turn to HR for support and advice. Each week, she gives insights and advice on building companies and cultures that people love.   

Mike Klein

Based in Iceland’s dramatic capital, Reykjavik, Mike, a ‘superconnector’ is a data-obsessed internal and social communication consultant and strategist. Mike’s interest lies in developing the field of communication leadership, and he has in-depth experience throughout Europe and the USA.

Through the initiative #WeLeadComms, spearheaded by Mike, leaders are recognized and connected across many disciplines and borders. See Mike’s recent blog here on how internal communications can better work with the C-suite.

Beth Collier

Beth draws on pop culture to teach important lessons in communication. Do you communicate in a long-winded, ambiguous, and frankly dull way? Yes? Do you care if your teams are disconnected, disengaged and unproductive? No? Either way, Beth, a communication, creativity, and leadership consultant will sort you out. 

Beth helps companies, teams, and leaders improve their communications through consulting, coaching, and workshops. See Beth’s regular, relevant, insightful blogs here.

Jason Anthoine

Jason does one thing and one thing only. An internal communications professional, he helps companies inform, involve, and inspire their employees. That’s actually three things, but hey.

Focused on company culture, quality leadership, and what employees actually want, Atlanta-based Jason focuses his team’s consulting and coaching initiatives on better workplace relationships to drive business results. Do you want to know if 2023 will be the best year ever for your employees? Then read the blog, and now, to find out.

Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is a recognized analyst, author, educator, and thought leader focusing on the global talent market and the challenges and trends impacting business workforces around the world. 

A recognized expert in the space, Josh regularly shares insights on work, talent, learning, leadership, and HR technology on his website and his book, Irresistible: The Seven Secrets of the World’s Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations has earned critical acclaim. Be sure to follow him and check it out!


Finding influencers is easy, but the excellent influencer, the one who’s precisely suitable for your niche? Not so much. If you’ve been inspired to the point of action by this list of Simpplr Sweethearts – the top employee communication and employee experience tech influencers you should follow without delay – here’s a quick round-up:

A good tech influencer must:

  • Clearly understand the values and goals of your company to fit the brand and represent well.
  • Be authentic, honest, and empathetic.
  • Post consistent, creative quality content.
  • Understand the importance of good communication and be social and responsive.

If you are wondering whether a tech influencer can increase exposure and revenue in your sector, then the answer is yes. Reach out and connect with us for more tips and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn so you don’t miss a thing!

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