Simpplr Intranet Features that Matter: Security and Scalability

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Intranet security should be taken seriously. Cybersecurity threats are on the rise and it’s never been more important to protect your organization’s data and privacy.

This article was updated on 09/08/2023.


At the same time, you shouldn’t compromise your intranet’s ability to scale with your organization. Both security and scalability are critical components to your intranet and requirements should be examined carefully.

When it comes to both security and scalability, Simpplr takes both seriously. We provide the highest intranet security solutions, reliability, secure communications, and scalability without additional effort on your side.

Here are Simpplr’s top 5 security solutions and scalability benefits:

Simpplr is designed to scale with your organization

Simpplr has designed our intranet to be scalable in such a way that we can constantly stay ahead of customer demand. Our architecture allows us to easily add web and application servers to accommodate more users. The system architecture also allows us to add more database servers as needed to accommodate more users. In addition, the facility that houses our servers provides us with guaranteed bandwidth, which we can increase on an as-needed basis.

Why it’s important: Simpplr is built to accommodate hypergrowth as we’ve seen in many of our customers, such as AppDynamics and Quantcast. Simpplr is a cloud-based platform that allows for limitless scaling, so businesses in hypergrowth mode won’t find themselves having to replace their data infrastructure every few years just to keep up with demand. Because we’re equipped to handle companies as they scale, there is no downtime as you continue to add more users to your intranet. Your company will resume its day-to-day at the speed of how business should run.

Your intranet database is backed up and secure in its own instance

Your data resides entirely within your own secured AWS or Salesforce instance. It’s important to note that you don’t need to be an AWS or Salesforce customer for this benefit. All data is physically backed at each data center, on a rotating schedule of incremental and full backups. The backups are cloned over secure links to a secure archive. Backups are never transported offsite and are securely destroyed when retired.

Why this is important: Because your intranet is backed up in its own secure instance, only you will have access to your own data. Data loss isn’t a worry with Simpplr because there is near real-time back-up of information that is refreshed and stored securely. Being built on a cloud-based platform lends the advantage where on-prem data would need to be physically transported if things change. In addition, when you want to retire your intranet, all data and information are securely erased.

Data is transmitted across encrypted links

Our production data centers are designed to encrypt all incoming and outgoing data via end-to-end TLS/SSL cryptographic protocols. Production data centers are designed to mitigate the risk of single points of failure and provide a resilient environment to support service continuity and performance.

Why it’s important: Data is transmitted across encrypted links, meaning all data is protected to prevent unauthorized access. When employees access Simpplr, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is in place, an intranet solution making sure that your information is protected by using both server authentication and data encryption. This is important because it means that your data and privacy is protected and prevents unwanted third-party intruders. Only registered users in your organization have access to your employee intranet.

Data recovery is in place in case of emergency

We perform real-time replication to disk at each data center, and near real-time data replication between the production data center and the disaster recovery center. Production data centers are designed to mitigate the risk of single points of failure and provide a resilient environment to support service continuity and performance. In addition, there are disaster recovery plans in place and tests them at least once per year.

Why it’s important: Simpplr provides near real-time data replication for efficient and secure data recovery. In the extremely rare case, it is needed, your data would be recovered and retrieved from the data center at any point in time in which a disaster occurs. This means in any event of data loss or an emergency, your data will be recovered and restored to as close as possible to its most recent state.

Simpplr follows certified secure coding practices

Simpplr follows the best coding practices per security protocols and certifications. In technical speak, our code has a nearly full unit test coverage. Simpplr’s code is periodically scanned using an on-demand static source code analysis tool that checks for Cross-Site Scripting, S(O)QL Injection, Cross Site Request Forgery, Storing Secrets, Access Control, CRUD and Field Level Security.

Why it’s important: In plain speak, Simpplr is developed using the best coding practices that help write efficient, scalable code that increases security and quality of the code, so that you minimize the risk of breach and technical debt. Think of technical debt as financial debt – if the debt is not paid (fixed), then debt accumulates and eventually becomes increasingly hard to implement changes later on (such as updates).

Additional Simpplr security solutions:

  • Data Ownership: Your data 100% belongs to you. We don’t review, share, distribute, print, or reference your data. You can securely export your intranet data at any time.
  • Data Privacy: We only use customer data to provide the service; we don’t have access to your data without your permission
  • Data Backup: All data within your intranet is securely backed up on a regular basis, up to the last committed transaction
  • High Availability: Your intranet will run in world-class data centers with reliable uptime
  • Virtual Firewall: Ability to restrict IP ranges and hours during which users can connect
  • Password Policies: Set your intranet password history, length, and complexity requirements along with other security measures
  • SSO Integration: Federated and delegated single sign-on using SAML & LDAP
  • Two-factor Authentication: Add an extra layer of security to your intranet account with two-step authentication
  • Identity Verification: Two-factor authentication, coupled with identity verification, ensures that only those who are authorized have access, whether they are approaching from within an organization’s network, or from an outside IP.

Scale and protect your intranet with Simpplr

Simpplr holds both security and scalability very high. We understand and appreciate the workplace nuances, and prioritize protecting critical business information. Learn more regarding security, privacy and compliance with Simpplr.

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