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Simpplr's Rapid Deployment Solution

Guaranteed two-week

implementation fee

Free, accelerated

No training

Simpplr is the modern employee intranet that helps organizations streamline internal communication and forge employee connections.

  • Provide employees a single source for important company communications
  • Reinforce your company’s values to strengthen employee morale when it’s needed most
  • Help your workforce smoothly transition to a productive remote culture

Equip your workforce with Simpplr’s Rapid Deployment Solution

We’re discounting implementation fees and offering a two-week deployment to support organizations with an enterprise-wide internal communications platform to keep the workforce connected and aligned.

Point-and-click interface to publish updates immediately

Easily publish company updates and policy changes on the fly. No coding required.

Company-branded internal communication platform

Keep your company branding with point-and-click controls to engage employes and maintain company culture efforts.

No training

Administer, create, and consume content effortlessly with minimal training required.

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