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Missed the Intranet Innovations Virtual Summit?

Our intranet virtual summit was packed with insights and inspiration from researchers, industry experts, and practitioners discussing intranets, the future, and the transformative impact of AI.

Across two dynamic half-days, professionals from human resources, employee experience, IT, and internal communications came together to learn, listen and share, and get inspired.

Dive into our collection of resources and videos to catch up and get inspired.

State of the Intranet 2024

This session was dedicated to discussing the results of Simpplr’s recent 2024 Intranet Impact and Evolution study. Learn what 1K people have to say on the topic.

Jordan Katz

Session Resources

Watch the recording [53 minutes]

Read the research report executive summary

Customer Spotlight: Driving Adoption of Your Revolutionary Intranet

Learn how OneSource Virtual used creative thinking to drive intranet adoption and create a vibrant company culture.


Customer Spotlight: Merging Companies and Culture with an Innovative Intranet

Hear how Uber Freight merged 2 disparate companies - and intranets - to realize a 95% intranet adoption rate!


Key Trends for 2024: Intranets and the Digital Workplace

Watch this session replay to learn which trends Forrester Research believes are shaping our digital workplace, and where modern intranets are essential.


Session Resources

Download the Forrester Wave™

Read the blog post about Simpplr being named a leader

Looking Ahead: the Future of the Intranet and AI

This forward-looking session reveals what to expect from Intranet technology, and how AI is significantly impacting our work. 

Bala Kasiviswanathan Simpplr Leadership

Session Resources

Read the blog post about Simpplr's leader ranking

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Why Simpplr is the only AI built for employee experience

Collaborating with intention: Intranet stakeholder panel discussion (IT, IC, HR)

Hear 3 intranet stakeholders from IC, HR and IT discuss ways to collaborate in order to build employee engagement and experience.


Session Resources

Watch the discussion [49 minutes]

Read the executive summary for trends shaping employee experience

Customer Spotlight: Learn How AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah Humanizes Executives to Propel Engagement

This engaging session shares how AAA NCNU created a program to get to know executives over Jenga matches. 


Mastering Measurement & Analytics: Intranet Best Practices for Internal Comms

Get tips, tricks, and inspiration for converting intranet data into engaging impact stories for your stakeholders.


Session Resources

Get inspired [32 minutes]

Intranet Superstars

See how the winners of our Intranet Superstars competition pull off their amazing intranet programs! 


Session Resources

See who won [20 minutes]

Read about the winners of Simpplr’s Intranet Superstar contest